Team Truck Driver
Required : Class A license to drive Class A motorhome and trailer throughout Monster Energy professional Supercross series and Lucas Oil professional outdoor Motorcross series. Job includes: pit setup and breakdown and driving to all events across the United States
Job Type: Full-time
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Team Intern
The Intern mechanic will travel with the race team to all the professional supercross events. He (or she) will live in the motorhome with the driver and assist the race team with pit set up to assisting the crew chief with race bike preparation. Following are the duties and terms of the Intern Mechanic:
1. You must be minimum 18 years old, with a good driving record. 2. Your direct daily supervisor will be the team driver.
3. You will assist the team driver in all aspects of equipment logistics/pit set-up
4. You will assist the crew chief/race mechanic as directed with the race bike preparation.
5. You will assist the racer with his race day needs.
6. You will assist the team trainer with his needs for the rider. 7. You will assist the owners with their race day needs.
8. You will travel with and live in the race rig to all the events. 9. Your duties will be to assist the race team as necessary to further the operation of the team, riders, and equipment. 10. Always acting in a professional and respectful manner to represent our team and sponsors as a family racing team.
11. Maintain a professional appearance of pits during races and assists race team with any necessary duties.
12. Your road living expenses (food and lodging) will be covered by the Race Team; however, you will be required to cover any additional costs for outside activities which are not required of the team’s travels. (A weekly allowance may be authorized with pay raises pending work quality)
13. While you are at the team headquarters in Montclair California we have a staff to assist you in all aspects of the equipment. However, when you are on the road you will need to be resourceful and make arrangements for maintenance and repair’s as needed.
14. Follow the crew chiefs exact instructions on handling the race bikes. These are Factory KTM Racing bikes and strict rules apply to the handling, and washing of these motorcycles.
15. This position is also to be considered a Non-disclosure agreement where you promise to keep secret anything you learn about the factory KTM and will not share its performance secrets with anybody outside the KTM or Team Tedder racing team. 16. Assist in the performance of the riders by helping them at the track as requested.
17. Film rider during practice as requested and playback film on laptop or outdoor televisions, using DartFish programs. You will be trained by our IT department in the use of our Dart-Fish rider comparison film programs.
18. Set-up AMA timing satellite and outdoor televisions to display AMA rider timing.
19. Set-up live TV satellite so riders can view the racing real-time. 20. You will live and sleep in the motorhome while on the road. Hotels may be approved on selective bases as needed.
21. You will need to provide your own transportation to and from work while not on the road for the team. Allowances may be made for out of town Intern’s.
22. Because you will be driving Hampton Tedder Vehicles, you will be covered under Hampton Tedder’s auto insurance and you must be over 18 years old, maintain a good driving record and submit to all the rules and regulations of Hampton Tedder’s driving rules including random drug testing.
23. Compensation:  (1) weekly salary negotiable 2) Hampton Tedder will pay for you’re out of town living expenses (food and lodging) when traveling with the team; Food and Lodging (excluding Alcohol). 3) Rider Performance Bonus at the discretion of the team manager
24. Hampton Tedder promotes a safe working environment; Safety ALWAYS comes first; when in doubt ask first and error on the side of delay for the sake of SAFETY!
25. When working adjacent to Hampton Tedder Employees you must abide by the guidelines (working rules) set forth in Hampton

Tedder Electrics Employee manual and work place illness and injury prevention program.
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